World Heritage Sites in Nigeria

So yesterday (18th April) was the International Day for Monuments and Sites dedicated to the them “Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism“. I kinda missed it and decided to write a post on the World Heritage Sites we have in Nigeria. I have often wondered  what is it means to bethe importance of a site listed […]

The Arinrinajo: Mount Kilimanjaro, Ebere Nkoro

Hey Guys! So 1 of my goals for this year was to get people who love travelling to come talk about their experiences giving birth to “The Arinrinajo Project“. Every other month, I would be interviewing the “Ajalas” (we often refer to people who enjoy travelling as Ajalas) to hear about their experiences on The Arinrinajo Project. I hope this series […]

Camping and Hiking at Omo Forest Reserve with Unravelling Nigeria

Hey Guys!!!  How was your weekend?  Did you miss our previous posts? You should check out the The Ten Commandment Tablets in Plateau State here and The Arinrinajo Project: Interview with British Diplomat, Andrew Fleming here.  Although, I went camping and hiking at Omo Forest Reserve with Unravelling Nigeria. Chinyere is going to talk about […]

The Ten Commandments || Plateau State

Hey Guys! Did you miss our interview with Andrew Fleming, British Diplomat in Nigeria? Check it out here and the amazing Nike Art Gallery here. Jaye talked about his Casa Del Papa experience here as well. Growing up we all read and were taught at home and the Sunday school about Moses and the Ten Commandments […]