Exploring the City of Dakar

Hey Guys!!!! Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I know what you are going to say, I know. <insert> <b>Reason(s) for not blogging and being inconsistent.</b> <h1>Excuses</h1> <h1>More Excuses</h1> <h1>Refer to point 1</h1> </insert>   *Tucks in my nerdy self* Do you guys realize that when people say West Africa, countries like […]

Photo Essay | Tarkwa Bay

For the LONGEST time, Tarkwa Bay had been on my to-go list. My friends never wanted to go, citing reasons such as “it was too far”, “boat rides are not safe” or work just came up. Then, bae (@archfandroid) came to Lagos for the summer break and we decided to visit Tarkwa Bay. We took […]

My Togo Road Trip Experience – Part 2

Happy New Month Guys!!! In case you missed the first post of the series, please click here. In my last post, we had just noticed that our passports were not stamped out of Benin Republic and into Togo at the borders thanks to ABC Transport. Unfortunately, we did not have the floo powder which we […]

World Heritage Sites in Nigeria

So yesterday (18th April) was the International Day for Monuments and Sites dedicated to the them “Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism“. I kinda missed it and decided to write a post on the World Heritage Sites we have in Nigeria. I have often wondered  what is it means to bethe importance of a site listed […]