Password, 123456, iloveyou – Everything wrong with these PASSWORDS

Studies show that humans have up to 25 accounts online (emails, social networks, online stores) and enter an average of eight passwords daily in order to authenticate themselves. This is impossible for the capabilities of the human memory. As a result, humans have created strategies in order to cope with such problems; from using easily remembered passwords, writing down their passwords, sharing their passwords with others, using password managers and reusing their passwords (sometimes with modifications). These mechanisms weaken the security of the system they use.

Passwords prevent unauthorized access to your computer and your accounts. The stronger your password is, the more protected your computer and accounts are.

How to create a strong password?

  • at least 6 characters long.
  • should not contain your username, your fullname(s).
  • should not contain a complete word (no dictionary word).
  •  MUST contain characters from the following
    •  Uppercase Letters e.g. A, B, C.
    •  Lowercase Letters e.g. a, b, c.
    •  Numbers e.g. 1, 2, 3.
    •  Symbols e.g. ~ ! @ # $ %

Note: A password can obey the above and still not be strong e.g. Potato3@


  • Use a phrase or word that means something to you e.g.
    •  W@fl5s (I love waffles and I chose to create a strong password around it).
    •  2BorNot2B (To be or not to be – from Shakespeare).
  • Use a phrase or word that associate with the website e.g.
    • ABT2_uz_AMZ! (About to use Amazon)
    • Pwrd4Acct-Fb (Password for account at Facebook)
  • Avoid writing down your passwords.
  • Avoid sharing your passwords with others.

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