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First post of the year yayyyyyyy!! Sorry for the 6 months absence. I recently discovered Nkoyo thanks to a friend of mine @archfandroid. This restaurant sells the cheapest cocktails I have seen in Abuja. When my friends and I arrived, we were well greeted at the door and didn’t have to wait to get a table (+1). We were given our menu and enough time to go through the menu without feeling we were being rushed to order something (+1).  After we placed our orders and while we were waiting for our orders. We were served with crispy chips made from cassava in a small bamboo calabash/bowl (+1).

From upstairs
From upstairs


The interior of Nkoyo is AMAZING. My first impression was you could tell a lot of planning and details went into the interior design (+2). I felt the décor enhanced the overall ambiance of the restaurant without being too distracting. There was a window in the middle of the roof which was ok. The tables were big enough and if more guests arrived than the table can seat, more tables are added. This earned a +1 from me because I have gone to a restaurant where I was told if we were more than 6, the remaining people would join a different table and that tables would not be rearranged in order to accommodate all of us.


We went on a saturday afternoon and as such the place was empty and peaceful. We ordered a Deep Blue Sky, Pink Lady, a Whiskey Sour,a Long Island Tea and a Cosmopolitan. The prices of their cocktails ranged from N500 – N1000 which earned a +3 from me as well. The peppered wings were well cooked and spiced and was reasonable priced (N1500) compared to other things on the food menu (+1). The Nigerian food sold there was more expensive compared to other as well as the surrounding and service (-1).

Deep Blue Sky N500


Pink Lady ( I think thats the name)  N500
Pink Lady ( I think that’s the name) N500

Whenever, we needed to order something or ask for help from one of the waiters. There seemed to be a delay because “apparently” each table was assigned a waiter and as such we could only order from our waiter who seemed to be busy with other guests. (-1). Also, when we were ready to leave we had to look for our waiter first who was busy with other guests, before we could get our bill (-1).

Cosmopolitan N750
Cosmopolitan N750
Half Dozen of Wings N1500
Half Dozen of Wings N1500


Total Ratings: 7/10

Location: 2nd Floor, Ceddi Plaza, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT

Cuisine: Indian, Nigerian

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  1. Nice post… I shd check it out

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