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I feel the statement “I love seafood” is being too generalistic. So I am going to say I love prawns and shrimps. Since I came back from the h’up, I have been looking for a restaurant in Abuja that offers seafood. I heard of Oceans 11 but it was closed for renovation till recently when it just reopened. On Easter Monday, I dragged my parents out for lunch.

Oceans 11 Seafood
Oceans 11 Seafood

Before we left the house, I called the restaurant to confirm if I needed to make a reservation before coming. The person who picked up the phone said he wasn’t sure that his manager wasn’t around and when she comes she would call  me back (-1). She called back and said No we didn’t need to make a reservation. Then she asked what we wanted to order. In my mind, i was like “How would I order if I haven’t seen the menu”. (-1)

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On getting to the restaurant, we were welcomed by the manager. There was no menu on the table, the waiter stood for about 5 minutes before we asked for the menu (-1). The seafood usually comes with either Rice or Pasta or French Fries. I requested for Pasta and the Manager said it wasn’t available (-1). So I ordered for “Jumbo Prawns in Alfredo sauce with French fries”  while my mum ordered for “Grilled Catfish with hot chilly tomato”. After placing our orders we had to wait for about 45 mins/ 1 hr before our order was ready (-1).

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Surprisingly, the food tasted nice and the jumbo prawns were quite big. (+3) I enjoyed every bit of it and finished it. 🙂 🙂 The chips weren’t too bad, I would have prefered it if it were crunchy at least it wasn’t soggy which is good. The prawns were well spiced but it felt like I ordered “Jumbo Prawns in Tomato sauce”.  Unless, that’s what Alfredo sauce tastes like in that case, my bad.  From the picture on the menu, I expected the prawns to be small. My mum didn’t have any complaint about her food.

Rice + Grilled Catfish in Hot Tomato Sauce
Rice + Grilled Catfish in Hot Tomato Sauce
Grilled Jumbo Prawns in Alfredo Sauce with French Fries.
Grilled Jumbo Prawns in Alfredo Sauce with French Fries.

The restaurant was so hot, when we enquired why the restaurant was hot. The manager said the ACs developed a fault overnight and as such weren’t working. But she suggested we move to near an AC which was barely working.

The ambiance and the décor of the restaurant wasn’t too fantastic.(-1) To be honest, there was nothing special about it. They did have an ice cream stand for desert and in event, you only came for the ice cream, there were seats for such.(+1) Also, the prices of the food ranged from N2500 -N3000 which wasn’t too bad and is quite affordable (+2)

2015-04-06 14.52.49

I enquired if they had other seafood mentioned in the menu such as crabs, lobsters, salmons available at the moment, the manager said they had. (+2) I appauld them for a least having the seafood mentioned on the menu.

When we were done with our lunch, our bill was brought promptly which was good considering we were the only people in the restaurant. (+1)


Jumbo Prawns in Alfredo sauce with French fries – N3000

Grilled Catfish with hot chilly tomato – N2500

Total Ratings: 5/10

Location: Plot 135 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Cuisine: Seafood, Nigerian

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