Hello Everyone,

Simi allowed me back on her blog.


This time, I am not back as a guest, I am getting my column! So you will be seeing a lot more of me on these streets. I will be discussing drinks, from water, mixed drinks to the top shelf liquor (I will leave the wine bit to Simi.)

If you know me, one thing is certain, I love getting my drink on. I love mixing cocktails for people and I just appreciate ‘The Art of Cocktails’ (Yes it is an art, Science says so). I would absolutely enjoy sharing my experiences and tips with you.

What better way to start this journey than my favorite place to go drinking: Nkoyo.

Nkoyo is located at Ceddi Plaza, 264 Tafawa Balewa Way, CBD, Abuja.

I enjoy the relaxed ambience, the setting, the friendly staff, the service and my favorite is the cost of their cocktails. The cocktails are still up to standard better than some N2,500 cocktails if I may add. Best part, they use the standard drinkware for all their cocktails (a plus for people with this  pet peeve).

On this day, I decided to get pre-party drinks before heading out to a friend’s birthday party (Everyone does this right? Right?). I got to Nkoyo and was welcomed by the hostess, it was a bit crowded for a Saturday due to some event, I did not mind anyway. I ordered a Mojito which was ready in about 8 minutes, this was served with the complimentary snacks (Sweet Potato Chips in the bowl).


First thought: Hmmm… This Mojito is greener than normal, what is going on here?

Then I decided to taste it and the taste was all in the right proportion. It was not so strong that you could taste the rum, the soda and lime juice were not overpowering. I enjoyed it and got over the coloring.

Rating: 5

Check out my Cocktail Rating Scale

I was later joined by some friends who got Mojito and Chapman. The discussion and the drinks flowed next thing, I was on my second order, a Cosmopolitan. I usually try not to mix alcohol types but White Rum and Vodka are both colorless so I gave myself a pass.

IMAG1717The Cosmopolitan was a good follow-up to the Mojito, it was pink and sweet. Tasty and I would definitely recommend this.

Rating: 6

Check out my Cocktail Rating Scale

By the end of the evening, I was in a ‘social butterfly’ mood and ready to party. Here I am reflecting on the good decisions (Cosmojito) that got me in this mood.


Mojito – 750

Cosmopolitan – 850

Yes I will be going back to Nkoyo.

Vodka & Rum Kisses,


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  1. You should do this more Tayo.

    1. Yay! Thanks, I definitely plan to.

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