Top 5 Drinks to Complement Jollof Rice

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Happy World Jollof Rice Day today. Better late than never right? Right. I wonder who decided today was a good Day to celebrate Jollof Rice.

Personally, Jollof Rice deserves an entire week of worship and adulation. As a Nigerian, your default setting is to love Jollof until you probably taste that experimental Jollof Rice <whispers>Jamie Oliver’s Jollof</whispers>. Rice There are so many ways to have Jollof Rice today, they can be complemented with other food and drinks.Simi has discussed some creative ways to serve Jollof Rice.

A wise man once said,

There is no Owambe without Jollof Rice

I have personally paired Jollof RIce with so many drink options from Coca Cola down to Water. Without wasting too much time, here are my Top 5 drinks that complement Jollof Rice.

Honorable Mention: Coca Cola


Many Nigerians have tried this pairing, I just had to put this up for the nostalgia.

5.    Chapman


I would never forget the first owambe I clearly remember having Chapman with Jollof Rice, It was in December 2006. The explosion of flavours from the Jollof Rice merged with the fruity soda pop of the Chapman.

4.    Mojito


This was a fluke discovery, I was waiting for my water while having Jollof Rice at a restaurant, for some reason it was taking too long, so I decided to have some of my Mojito and it turned out to be a great discovery. Mojito is refreshing palate cleanser, not too overwhelming that you lose the flavors of Jollof rice and it prepares you to have some nice tasting owambe cake.

3.    Zobo

Zobo Drink

This list would have obviously been incomplete without mentioning the timeless drink called Zobo. It has undergone so many makeovers but the refreshing taste cannot be missed. In honour of this special day, I had some nice Jollof Rice with Zobo for dinner, I think this was part of the inspiration for this post.

2.    Sangria

Red Sangria

Sangria paired with Jollof rice was my Christmas Discovery of 2014. Twas the Sunday before Christmas and in my tradition of having random cocktail Sundays, I decided to try some Sangria with the Epic home-made Jollof (Yes it had the authentic firewood taste), this was of course inspired by a lazy Sunday afternoon in Spain.

1.    Water

Glass of Water

Because what goes best with Jollof Rice than good old water?

Get to experimenting and share your top 5 pairing in the comments.

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  1. Zobo and Rice is a very good combination. Nice post

    1. Yea! It is. Thank you. Keep checking back for more.

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