#CocktailSundays: Heine Sunrise

Hello Peoples,

It’s been almost a minute, but I am back. Simi has abandoned me and moved to Lagos, on the plus side, I have a new place to stay when I visit. What better way to start a new work week than to day-drink with friends on Sunday? It’s almost like Sundays were created for day-drinking with the brunch cultures all around the world.

Tay's Cocktail Sundays

This is my first post in the #CocktailSunday series and many more will be coming your way soon. Cocktail Sundays, started in 2014 with Dolly and Oma as my pioneer test subjects. It started as a good reason to create new cocktail recipes to get my friends very tipsy. 😀

On this Sunday’s special episode (it is special cos it is the first that I get to share), I was inspired to make a Shandy variation. It is basically a beer based cocktail, I know you think beer and cocktails should not mix but trust me, Shandy kills that myth every time. The simplest recipe you can do is Beer + Orange Juice/Sprite and you are good to go.

Shandy is that drink you have at a beer parlour when you go to grab drinks with the guys during a football match.

I recruited the services of Sammy and Dolly as my bar-backs and got straight to business. So here is how our experiment began, first we got the ingredients:

  • Heineken
  • Brandy
  • Sprite
  • Orange Juice
  • A dash of Orijin Bitters to mellow the sweetness

We mixed this in a makeshift punch bowl (some major ‘eyeballing’ was done here) and transferred it to pitcher to chill. I was already in love with the way it tasted but I did not like the appearance, It looked boring.

Heineken Shandy

On getting to the fridge, I discovered Grenadine and I suddenly had a great idea inspired by Tequila Sunrise, so I quickly poured the leftover in a glass and created art with just a splash of grenadine. As soon as Sammy saw this, he coined the name Heine Sunrise™. I am going to love cocktail naming!


We enjoyed this over some afternoon gist and bants. People coupled up because Heine Sunrise is basically foreplay in a glass and I ended up cuddling my phone creating this post because you guys are bae!

Rating: 7

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PS: No bias here, everyone that had some testified to its greatness. You should try this next Sunday (Recipe Coming soon) while I try this at some picnic date :-;

Heineken Kisses,


3 Replies to “#CocktailSundays: Heine Sunrise”

  1. I won’t be drinking any beer cocktails but I will be stocking my place with grenadine from now on. Drink went from mud to something nice with mud on top lol.

    1. Lol! I remember when I was in this boat… All you need to do is taste

  2. ooo. I’m totally going to try this.

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