Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket

Hi Guys!

So I have heard about Ocean Basket being one of the best seafood restaurant in Lagos. I decided to try it out with my friends during the Sallah Break.

We (@dpencilpusher, Jumoke, Kike and Niji) ordered the Full Deck Platter but the waiter suggested we add another platter considering the Full Deck Platter is just enough for 4. So we also ordered half the Platter for Two.


Platter for One

It took about 10 mins for our meal to be ready which is pretty impressive because I was expecting to wait for about 30 minutes. To be honest, the restaurant was already hyped in my mind. Being a seafood lover, I expected the best.


The presentation was amazing. I kinda expected it to look the picture but what was served wasn’t bad either.

Full Deck Platter

The ambiance of the place was okay. It felt lively without actually distracting the customers from their actual meal.


The meal wasn’t really spicy so my friends and I had to keep adding spices to our meal just to make it spicy which was pretty annoying. The jollof rice tasted like Lagos party rice (Nice!). The chips were a bit soggy and tasteless like they forgot to add salt to the chips before frying it.




For the drinks, Jumoke and I ordered the Ocean Basket Special while the others ordered Juice. The Ocean Basket Special wasn’t really that bad.

Ocean Basket Special



Would I go back there again? YES!!!


Rating – 8/10

Location – 1392 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Opening Times – 7am – 10pm

Phone Number – 0816 059 1821


Thanks for Reading!

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  1. If the chips were made from freshly peeled potatoes, they might have been soggy if they were diced and preserved in water so they’re ever ready to fry for the customers when they order. Long deep frying would have helped though.
    But all that seafood is to die for. So, what makes the Ocean Basket Special drink?

    1. I have no idea, why spoil the surprise?

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