#TGIF: Bar Crawl Tips with Tay

My first cocktail post of the year!

It was a very eventful new year for me, spent the first week in Lagos working and experiencing the Lagos life. My Lagos experience included a Bar Crawl, unfortunately I lost my phone with all the pictures I took 🙁 (It was not via the bar crawl)

Not to worry, I can still share my tips on how to survive a bar crawl with you. I have created a handy image that you can save and use as a reference whenever you plan your Bar Crawl.

bar crawl
Bar Crawl Tips

I hope you found these tips handy. Remember to always stay safe. Share your experiences with me.

PS: I will be sharing more posts on my Lagos Experience, be sure to check back. We also have some fun activity planned for our Abuja Readers.



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