Val’s Day at Insignia Restaurant

Spaghetti Alfredo

I usually don’t make plans for February 14th but this year, I got a free voucher to insignia restaurant’s Valentine’s Day dinner for 2. Who says no to free food? Not me.

We got there at about 4:30 and led to a table by a lady (her name is Vimia) who gave us an automated smile. After waiting for over an hour, I called the lady waiting the table next to ours and she apologized sweetly and asked what we’d like to have.
For starters I ordered their Prawns coated with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs with chili mayo. It came nearly 40mins later (we were even about to leave) but I forgot about the delay because It was EVERYTHING, maybe because I’m a seafood lover. It was spicy and very crispy. My date went for Salmon Carpaccio, I tasted from the plate and it wasn’t bad at all. The salmon would literally melt in your mouth. 
Prawns coated with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs
Salmon Carpaccio
Meanwhile, we decided to order our Main dishes  when the starter came in because we knew it would take very long. One hour after we finished the starters, our main dishes didn’t appear. At this point, a waiter came to ask what we’d like to drink and after taking the orders, I told him about the delay. He apologized and says he’ll check on it. Fast forward to another 30 mins or so, he comes back to apologize again and asks what we ordered because the piece of paper our orders were written on “is missing” wait, what?  *double sigh*
Our food came about 25-30mins after. Mine was Truffle Mac n Cheese with Meat (because I’d heard about how awesome it was) and the other plate was Spaghetti Carbonara, which was really really good and so creamy. The Truffle Mac n Cheese? LOL! Highly overrated. Not crappy but very overrated and Yes, I wish I ordered something else. My date liked it better than the Spaghetti Carbonara so we swapped! 
Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Carbonara
Truffle Mac and Cheese
Dessert was Tiramisu for me and Cheesecake for my date. The Tiramisu was… I’ll just stop there so I won’t say something derogatory. I dumped it after eating the cream off it and pounced on my date’s cheesecake. I must say that this is the best cheesecake of my life. Dessert came early as the waiter promised, maybe that’s why the tiramisu tasted like it was a week old. 
I like to give excuses for them so I’d say the service was shitty because they were swamped.  I’ll visit insignia again even if it’s just for the cheesecake and to be sure their service isn’t always this bad, and also because their menu looked quite interesting.
Food  – 7
Plating – 3
Service – 0
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