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Hey Guys!

I think I am officially a sushi fan. I totally love and look for every opportunity to eat it.

My friends and I decided to check out a Japanese/Lebanese restaurant we found on EatDrinkLagos, Fusion. It is very easy to miss the restaurant especially if its your first time looking for it. It is located just beside Radisson Blu and there are about 3 different restaurants (Lagoon, Churrasco and Fusion) in the same location.

We went on a Sunday afternoon/evening thereabout and the restaurant was virtually empty save for a group of Lebanese guys. Although, the surrounding restaurants were pretty much filled up.

For the starter, we ordered Prawns and Chicken Gyoza (looked and tasted like dumplings). Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of that. After which, we ordered the a set (I have forgotten the name of the set we ordered). But it consisted of Salmon Sushi, Avocado Sushi, Lots of Crab Sushi.



I was expecting it to be big like the ones at Izanagi but it was very small. We had to order more because it wasn’t filling at all. So we ordered more (California Sesame and Crazy Crispy).



It didn’t taste as good as that of Izanagi but it wasn’t bad either.


Rating: 6/10

Location: 1C, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos

Cuisine: Japanese, Lebanese

Phone Number: 0807 777 7778

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