#RestuarantRewiew – The Little Diner

Popcorn Waffles

Hey Guys!

I was in Abuja for the Easter Break and I decided to try out this restaurant I found on Instagram thanks to @CriticChef.


Locating this diner was hell for me because I am not that familiar with Gwarinpa and the address given was too broad. I almost went back home that day but I was already in Gwarinpa, no point turning back now. After we found the diner, we added it to Google Maps so it should be easy to find now.

The diner is tiny and cozy, it can comfortably fit 4 people. I would suggest you order and ask them to deliver to your house.


I ordered the Bubbles Waffles with Oreos Milkshake Frappe while my friend ordered the spicy chicken wings and sweet potato fries with Ice Cream (such a weird combo right?).

“Bubble Waffles are actually called “Egg Waffles” which are very popular in  Hong Kong and Macau. Egg waffle is one of the most popular Hong Kong “street snacks” and were ranked No.1 in a 100 most popular HK street snack listing.” – Wikipedia


It took about 20 minutes or so for our orders to arrive. Sadly, his fries were cold because it was the first thing she made when preparing our orders. But the spicy chicken were so GOOD, they were awesome.


My bubble waffles were a bit flat for me and they weren’t hot as well. Although I loved the uniqueness of the waffles. The Oreos Frappe looked and tasted (I didn’t taste any coffee) more like a Milkshake than a Frappe.


Did I mention the price? Well, the restaurant is very cheap you can’t spend more than 3000 tops on any combo.





Bubble Waffles – 6/10

Spicy Chicken Wings – 8/10

Sweet Potato Fries – 4/10

Oreos Frappe – 6/10


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Definitely taking notes of places to visit when I come to NIgeria.

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