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We had  the Olympics at work this week with sports ranging from Football (Male & Female), Tug of War, Volleyball, Badminton etc. Although, I didn’t participate in any of the sports, I was there with my camera to take pictures. The finale is going to be next week and my department is leading in the tournament.

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This restaurant was on my to go list (see a review of The Little Diner here and Red Dish Culinary School here) during the Easter Break especially since they allegedly sold “sushi”.

The restaurant wasn’t hard to find although we missed a turning sha. When we got there, we were given the menu (which was a bit different from what was on their website). We noticed there was no sushi in it and we asked about it, the waitress didn’t know what we were talking about.


I loved the whole huts and bamboo look the restaurant had. They had a board where they put up specials for the day. I though Specials for the day were a bit cheaper than it’s normal price, I guess I was wrong.

I ordered the Caesar Salad and Snapp while my friend ordered the Classic Burger with Fayouz. After about 20mins our orders were ready.




D: The burger was a classic burger, it was as large as expected, the beef was well done and the sauces were juicy. Overall it was a nice, large and messy burger. The only downside was that the buns were a bit flat. Definitely one of the better burgers I’ve had in Abuja.



I noticed my Caesar Salad did not have chicken pieces in it. I called the attention of the waiter who served me, she was arguing with me that the Caesar Salad doesn’t come with chicken. I asked her to bring the menu and then showed her that it came with chicken. So she went to confirm from the chef and then came back to add chicken pieces to my salad.


The lettuce in the salad was crunchy. It also came with croutons which I love. I wished it came with a baguette or something similar like what Classic Rock Cafe does (see review here). But for the price, I guess I shouldn’t complain. Also, the price was amazingly cheap for a restaurant based in Maitama.




Classic Burger (N2100) – 7.5/10

Caesar Salad (N1800) – 7/10


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  1. Perfect spot for afro themed hook-ups I guess. As long as the beef in the burgers are well done and sauces and spices are juicy, then it’s a 10. That’s kinda what most burger places get wrong.
    I love the huts and trees tho. Kinda feels like from here it will be breezy with no need for fans and stuff.

    1. For me, I prefer the patties to be tasty. I absolutely hate bland patties.

  2. Lol yea that’s a weak bun and I’m mad she was serving you a salad with no meat at that price. I think the sushi is provided by an outside party too

    1. Biko, how do you differentiate a weak bun from a strong bun.

  3. I like the whole bamboo theme, looks really nice.


    1. Hi Cassie, the pricelist is here

  4. It’s interesting how the waitress was arguing with you about the chciken when she could have just asked. Some places charge extra for chicken or seafood with ceasar salad though.

    I tried the mozzarella pizza, if I’m not mistaken, and it was good. I guess Bamboo has good food overall.

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