Sleeping by the beach

#SadesDaycation is an opportunity to get away from the Lagos rat-race life and get some much needed R & R on the beach. So far, Sade’s Daycation has had one location – Atlanfriq Beach Resort – which is a really cool, quite picturesque spot. The idea is to experience something different from the norm, and restore lost mental and physical energy. It’s sort of like a picnic and camping trip (because you sleep in tents) rolled up in one. And you get to meet some great people!

The third @SadesDaycation was over this past weekend and it was lit! We carpooled and then we all met up at Mega Chicken, Ajah. After a quick meet-and-greet and a stop to buy liquor, we headed out. The beach is after the Eleko Beach junction, so it’s a little far but going with other people made the trip actually a bit of fun. It was also a great opportunity to bond with the people we were going to share the experience with.

We finally made it to the beach! At this point we were all a little tired from sitting in cars for so long, but the cool sea breeze gave us life! It was a little awkward at first, as we were settling in and getting to know each other better.


A few of the amazing guests we had

However, as more cool breeze, small chops and alcohol entered the system, everyone opened up a little more and I can honestly say we had a great time. After dipping feet into the water, we decided to play games. We played a drinking card game for a while, then decided to turn it up a little more with the most hilarious game of Concentration ever played. Conce conce… lol. Then Charades. Just imagine how much alcohol must have been drunk during those games. And for pretty Miss Katherine, the only person that couldn’t drink amongst us because she was on medication, there was lots and lots of water for her to drink.

The self-proclaimed life of the party …lol


As I said…. picturesque


A great part of the appeal of #SadesDaycation is the idea of sleeping in a tent, then waking up to perfect clear skies, the sound of crashing waves and the ocean just in view. It really is quite breathtaking and such a cool, rejuvenating experience. All the games and banter eventually died down a little after two in the morning, so we all decided to turn in. The tents are quite comfortable, and they look great too!


We all got up really early – just after dawn – which was especially surprising considering how late we slept and how much activity we had packed into the previous day. With so much energy to spare, what do you do? Yoga of course.


Not too many of us were about that fitfam life, especially on sand, but a couple of us were psyched for the grueling half-hour session of beginners’ yoga, instructed by life-of-the-party cum experienced yogi, Michael.


What a man can do….


Pearl wasn’t going to let Michael outshine her

Just the beginning of Seun’s venture into the ocean…. right before he lost his shades to a wave


In full camp mode, Deji and Michael decided to show off their egg-making skills

After all the play and breakfast, we hung around for a little while longer, took pictures and strolls, then started heading out. Everyone was super nice and helpful, and nobody had any problems. Even our host and the owner of the space gave us some of the amazing drinks he makes. It was one hell of an experience that has to be relived!

 #SadesDaycation happens at the end of the month, with the one for May on the 28th. For more information, check out @SadesDaycation on Twitter!

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