Gurara Waterfalls | Niger State

Gurara Waterfalls

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Globe Jaunters Nigeria (@globejauntersnigeria) reporting live from Gurara Falls, Niger state.


Gurara waterfalls sits between Suleja and Minna in Nigeria State, about an hour’s drive from Abuja. The waterfall spans about 200 meters across and drops 30 meters below (The highest waterfall in West Africa is Owu Waterfalls located in Kwara State which spans about 200 meters across and drops 100 meters below).







We sent e-flyers out mid-june about going to Gurara Falls whilst preparations were made. We (@globejauntersnigeria & @sehembztravels) do this once in two months; we previously went to usuma dam which is one hour from Abuja; see pictures on our instagram and facebook pages.

The main objective of these trips is to showcase Nigeria in a way we have never seen it before. We find a spot, do our research and bang we go there and party. We also send useful information about the venue before we leave, e.g historical facts.



The Gurara Waterfalls was reportedly discovered in 1745 by a Gwari hunter called Buba, as he was travelling from Zaria to hunt for animals. The Gurara falls and river were named after two gods once worshipped by Gwari people: Gura and Rara.

So you are basically looking at people from Abuja and other states in Nigeria ( Yes, some people fly down for these things) + Food + drinks + Dj young gee (@djyounggee) our official dj. We pay some games- hilarious games like dancing competition, charade and lots more – on a hill or mountain depending on the location.




Gurara waterfalls is so beautiful, people played in the water, some people decided to swim but not advisable in any way. We also had the ajebos who refused to go near the water because it was not all shades of blue (sorry o!). 



We had food for sale as well because people get hungry after climbing. Kids were not left out. We, the adults used them for dancing competition for our own amusement.




The community around the waterfalls used to worship the falls. If they had any problems, they used to go to the waterfall to pray and make sacrifices. When some Europeans discovered the falls in 1925, they turned it into a recreational area, and so the sacrifices were stopped.






Overall, it was a ridiculously fun event because networking was crazy ( we had the doctors, lawyers, fashion designers and anything you can mention), the atmosphere was frenzy. We are still trying to figure out why it was so hot tho- anybody with useful and truthful information as to why there is such heat besides a body of water should step forward.


The fall is at its peak between April and November, and at its lowest between January and March.



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  1. That looks like SO much fun. I love discovering awesome places like this in Nigeria because even though it makes me regret not exploring while I was there, it motivates me to come home sometime and explore, explore, explore. Loooove this!

    1. Yeah I concur….there are a lot of tourist attractions to explore in this Nigeria. I always look forward to visiting them and learning about their history.

  2. Awesome outing it was, this goes to show that, we have interesting places and tourist spots in Nigeria we can explore with less. Usually for me I say, before you think of exploring tourists spots outside Nigeria, explore Nigeria first!.

    1. I am totally down for exploring tourists attractions in Nigeria. Unfortunately, our government doesn’t help in preserving these attractions.

  3. I love that local tourism is becoming more popular these days. There are lots of factors that might discourage it but we’re not letting that stop us! I really hope the government will be motivated to do more in their preservation and development…

    1. I concur….I read your post about the Lekki Conservation Center and I felt sad.

  4. Wow, this is actually my state. The waterfall is a beauty. Got no info on the mysterious heat tho

  5. looking forward to visit the Fall soonest. Kindly advise on lodging in that axis please.

    1. There is no decent lodging around as it is in a small village. I dont advise it.

      We usually go there and return same day

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