World Jollof Rice Day | 2016

World Jollof Rice Day

Hey Guys!!!!

How was your weekend?

Did you miss our last post? Check it out  Abuja Cafes to work from.

It’s another World Jollof Rice Day. Check out last year’s edition World Jollof Rice Day | 2015.

We are doing something different this time around.

We are posting pictures of “art” made with Jollof Rice.

  1. Jollof for World Peace


2. Jollof that’s hotter than you


3. Typography


4. As a National Monument


5. Jollof Wars


Source: @ms_hanie

Worthy Mentions

  1. Jollof Sushi

Source: Taste of Nigeria

2. Pigs in a blanket  Jollof in a blanket

Source: KatsLifestyle01

Never Forget

Jamie Oliver’s version of Jollof Ricejollof-rice-header1

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0 Replies to “World Jollof Rice Day | 2016”

  1. Ms Hanie’s creations are oh so good! Now I just have to eat Jollof today!

  2. This makes me crave Jollof Rice even more!!! I Love You, Jollof Rice!

  3. Jamie Oliver’s Jollof can never be forgotten, so no one makes that silliness ever!

  4. Jamie Oliver’s rice, #neverforget. Standing in solidarity for the offended ‘jollof rices’ everywhere.
    Some of Hanie’s jollof art should be framed tbh.

  5. How does @ms_hanie do it? so much talent

    Worthy mention #2 – this is random. It keeps reminding me of Chicken Pot Pie

  6. Why did I even have fried rice for lunch? 🙁

    1. Lmaooooo, subscribe to the blog so you can kept abreast of new posts.

  7. Wow. I never saw jollof ric look so inviting. I love the map of the world jollof rice. Too bad even though I love the meal, I can’t seem to prepare it to a reasonably good taste.

    1. I actually don’t like Jollof Rice the way Nigerians love Jollof Rice.

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