Ado-Awaye Mountains || Iyake Lake

Iyake Lake

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So Aké Festival just finished and @archfandroid shared all her experience and highlights of the Aké Arts & Books Festival. If you don’t know what Aké Festival, check out our previous post here.

Few weeks after my second trip to Olumo Rock, I went hiking on yet another mountain with @UnravellingNigeria from my first trip to Olumo Rock here. This time was to a town known as Ado-Awaye not too far from Iseyin in Oyo State. We also visited Agodi Gardens in Ibadan, I would be writing another post detailing my experience there as well.

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This journey to the top was tough o, I shall not lie.



Ado-Awaye has various mountains most of which are steep and unhikeable, however this particular mountain is famous for its suspended lake “Iyake Lake”. Iyake Lake is one of the 2 “suspended” lakes in the world. The first is “Hanging Lake” located on Glenwood Canyon’s cliff in Colorado.




On the way to the top of the mountain is the first attraction of the mountain – the ” Ishage Rock “, a giant unsupported boulder. The Ishage Rock is said to be one of the most powerful gods of the mountains.

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Although our guide never told us the importance of this rock, it is said to have spiritual powers. A white cloth is wrapped around the waist of the “Ishage Rock” when prayers are needed to be granted. During our hike to the top, we noticed that the rock had a white cloth around its waist.

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The second attraction of the mountain is the Ìyàké Lake, known for its spiritual significance. I read somewhere that it was also known for its neatness and clearness. However, I did’t think so because comparing it with the Arun River on Idanre River. You could see the stones and co at the bottom of the Arun River.

Iyake Lake
Arun River at Idanre Hills

It is said to be the main god of fertility of the Mountain. Legend has it that is a taboo to bath or swim in the Iyake Lake. Whoever swims in the lake will never be found again and would come out in a different planet. The tour guide told us a story about a white man who came to the mountain to challenge the gods with his chains (they never learn). The chains broke and till today, he has never been seen again.


The Oke-Ado mountain is also known for the “Elephant Tree”. It is composed of a tangle trunk or root of a fallen tree which resembles the head and trunk of an elephant. It kinda reminds me of Zuma Rock which has engravings representing eyesockets, nose and mouth on the side of the rock.


During our hike to the top of the Oke-Ado Mountains, we noticed various indentations on the surface of the mountains known as the “Footprints of the Gods”. It is said that these were footprints of the ancients or elders.



I thought it looked like the footprint of Big Foot.


Although, we didn’t get to the top of the mountain. The mountain is also famous for the following:

  • Esè kan Aiyé Esè kan Òrun, a wide and deep chasm on the mountain which separates one part of the mountain from the other part which hosts the peak of the mountain.
  • Màje kànkàn Shrine
  • Ìyá Onírú Lake – a lake on the mountain that never dries out all year long. I wonder where the source of the lake is from *thinking out loud*.




We also had BBQ on top of the mountain which I thought was pretty cool. Thanks to Chef Eseosa and Lola for this.

Waiting for the BBQ to be ready




499A1190 (1).jpg

The crew!

Next year, I am going to be chasing waterfalls and I also want to explore the attractions in the South East such as Awhum Caves, Ogbunike Caves etc.

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  1. Take me!!! There are so many beautiful places in Nigeria. 😍

    1. Hehehe, there are so many beautiful places in Nigeria. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I want to go.. So beautiful and peaceful. This lagos is just too polluted 😭😭😭. I need to start saving for these trips, thanks simi

    1. You feel me girl! Lagos is over-saturated and polluted..It is fun travelling to places outside Lagos/Abuja. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really wanna explore Nigeria. The pictures are beautiful. That definitely looks big foot feet. The barbecue is looking good #foodie!

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    1. Exploring Nigeria is so awesome you keep discovering new places daily. Thank you!

  4. How did you manage to get the all barbecuey stuff up the mountain.
    And have being in oyo state for 3years now oo,choi, would definitely visit there.
    Please, also epp put the amount u spent on each journey, like is there entry fee or anything?

    1. The trip was organised by Unravelling Nigeria. So everything from the entry fee to the barbecuey stuff to transportation was planned by her.

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