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We went camping (weird I know?) and hiking  with Unravelling Nigeria at Omo Forest Reserve. Read all about it here.


I got an email from Unravelling Nigeria about a picnic she had at Lufasi Park off Lekki-Epe Expressway. This was my first time hearing/reading about LUFASI Park and it’s pretty chill. After our last trip to Lekki Conservation Center (read about it here), I figured it would be a good place to chill with my friends. 2 weeks later, my friends and I were off to LUFASI Park for a picnic.



We first stopped by the amazing Nike Art Gallery before heading to LUFASI Park. It was my first at the Nike Art  Gallery and it was very amazing, from the sculptures to the paintings (see my recap here). Nike Art Gallery is located around 3rd Roundabout while LUFASI Park is located at Sangotedo which is about an hour from Lekki depending on Ajah’s traffic which can be unpredictable.



Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative (LUFASI) is an urban forest park that sits on 20 hectares of land on the Lekki – Epe Express Way. This area was a patch of pristine coastal rain forest that has been protected since the Lekki Peninsula development started over 25 years ago. It contains some of the last populations of the endangered Ekki “Iron Wood” tree (Lophira Alata), the critically endangered Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes Monachus) and the Great Hornbill (Buceros Bicornis).

                                                                                                                 –  Culled from Lufasi

On getting there, we were told to pay N1,000 as entry fee. Someone took us around the park and showed us what animals they had and the idea behind the park. Apparently, the animals in the parks were rescued and given sanctuary at the park which I thought was very nice. We noticed a lot of monkeys, donkeys, horses (1 was pregnant and almost due to give birth), ducks, raccoon etc.

Canadian Duck
Asun  Goat
Male Horse
Pregnant Female Horse


Lola mentioned in her post that they were a bit skeptical about people with cameras, we did not encounter such. I find it very worrisome when parks (*eyes* Agodi Gardens) have rules that states “Cameras not allowed“. I mean, the idea is to get more people interested in the park and one way to do that is through people sharing awesome pictures of the place.

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We noticed the Ekki Iron Wood Tree which is over 150 years but we were not allowed to go near it. Apparently, because the tree is old and so the branches which are very heavy tends to fall off. It would be very disastrous if it falls on someone. The bark of the Ekki tree can be used to cure a wide range of conditions such as headache, epilepsy, snake bites and wound healing.

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It’s a really cold, chill and scheduled place for picnics with family and friends. We noticed a playground with lots of stuffs to keep the kids occupied. For adults, there was a table tennis thingy near the juice bar. We came with our own games such as Confessions, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, WHOT etc. to keep us pre-occupied.

Table Tennis



After our last experience at Lekki Conservation Center, we came prepared with our own food and drinks, games and blankets/mats.

One or Two Things


I have never been to Badagry or Tarkwa Bay. Hopefully, I get to visit them before the year runs out.I am also looking for awesome places to visit in Lagos. If you have any suggestions, kindly comment below.


  • Go in a group its a lot more fun
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • It would be cheaper to bring your food and drinks. However, there is a juice bar inside the park in case you forget.
  • It’s nice for a picnic with friends and family
  • Tickets are N1000
  • Be prepared to walk

I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Perfect Sunday picnic spot. Clever first date idea for ppl who wanna try something different. Nice post. Where did u get the huge game boards they look cool

    1. Yes I totally agree about the picnic spot. We met the huge game boards at the park. However, we came with our card games such as Cards Against Humanity, Confession etc.

  2. never heard about this park..
    looks pretty chilled out!!!

    1. I actually didn’t know of it till I read a post on Unravelling Nigeria. It is chilled out and good for picnics and family time out..

  3. ibrahim hassan says: Reply

    I think this should be helpful to Nigerians. “Eko Tourist” A Tour Guide App for Lagos State link

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  5. This looks like a great place to try out for my holiday in lagos. Perfect date spot too if you’re tired of restaurants and heels like me.

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