Infinix Zero 4 Plus Review: Pro but not quite

Infinix Zero 4 Plus

Hey Guys! Happy New Year. I spent a weekend with the Infinix Zero 4 Plus smartphone which is marketed as a ‘pro’ device, to be compared with other big name flagship smartphones out there. While I came away impressed with the device, there is still a gap between it and the more expensive flagship smartphones […]

#RIPTwitter: 3 Tips to Understanding Twitter’s New Timeline Features


Twitter has begun rolling out a new feature which allows users to see their best tweets first and there has been mixed reactions. As a Social Media enthusiast and a Human Computer Interaction Professional, I am interested in understanding how this feature will affect interaction on my timeline, so I did my own research. Twitter’s Senior […]

Everything you need to know about Alphabet


I’m sure some of you must have heard a hint of news about some new Alphabet company that Google started but you’re not really sure about the details. Allow me to give you some clarity. Bros! How far na? Did you hear that News? That Google has changed its name to Alphabet or something like […]