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Hey Guys!!!

I thought I would head over here to let all those in Abuja know that we are holding a board game event tagged “Shuffle” in collaboration with The Quarter Cafe and Twin Crowns Studios.

The first event is on Saturday 27th February where all we do is eat, play board games and network. Hence, the theme of the event is “Eat, Game, Mingle”.

We love board games and we love food and thought there just aren’t enough places to go and meet like minded people in Abuja so this is where we’re at 🙂

We have a good selection of games ranging from the oldies such as Whot, Ayo, Monopoly to Uno, Jenga, Cards against Humanity (my personal favorite) and Accentuate.



We also have a good selection of food/drinks to keep the energy up

  • Gourmet mini burgers
  • Mini chicken/beef kebab sticks
  • Tuna & mayo sandwich
  • Smoked chicken and red pepper sandwich
  • Meat balls on sticks
  • Waffles
  • French Fries
  • Dutch Pancakes
  • Beef/Chicken Wraps
  • Mint Lemonade etc

Date: February 27th, 2016

Venue: The Quarter Cafe, 6 Tapeta St. British Village. Wuse 2.

Time: 2pm

Gate fee: N4,500

Head over to the blog to signup below.

We have loads of plans for the future but we can only make it happen if you guys show up, so get in touch, come along and have a great time!

Thanks for reading and we very much hope to see you then :).