Coca-Cola Chicken

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I got sent a link to a website with recipes made with 3 ingredients. I decided to try this recipe.

What You Need!

* Chicken Wings
* Soy Sauce
* Coca Cola
* Oil

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

So the first thing I did was to remove the chicken wings from the freezer and let it thaw. The first time I tried this recipe, I used Chicken Breasts (BIG MISTAKE!!!!). I literally had to keep turning the chicken to make sure that the inside was done. So I would suggest using Chicken Wings or Legs.

Chicken Wings

After the chicken has thawed, pour a bit of soy sauce on the chicken. Leave it for 10 minutes so that the chicken can absorb the soy sauce. (Advice: You can cut parts of the chicken to ensure that the inside absorbs the soy sauce). Also I used light soy sauce when trying this recipe with the chicken breast, but dark soy sauce when trying it with the chicken wings. I am not sure what’s the difference between both of them. If you do, please leave a comment below.

Chicken WIngs with Sauce Sauce

I poured oil on a large frying pan, and fried the chicken for 5 minutes and then turned it to the other side, frying it for 5 minutes as well.

Frying the chicken

After which I poured soy sauce and a cup of Coca-Cola into the frying pan. Note a cup of Coca-Cola is about 245ml. It looks a bit gross at first but trust me, it is amazing. You continue frying it till the liquid dries up forming a thick coating on the chicken.

2014-11-04 18.05.32

If you want, you can pop it into the oven for 5/10 minutes.

Tada, your Coca-Cola chicken is ready.

Final Meal

I wonder whether there is a recipe called Fanta Chicken or Lemon Chicken or how it would taste when I pour pepper on the chicken.

If you do try this recipe, please send pictures to

See you soon!

Thanks to my assistant when trying this recipe Wande @folawande

Photo source: My S3

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  1. Did you know where is from traditionally? 🙂

    1. I think its Chinese, not exactly sure.

      1. I heard it comes from South America, but me either I’m not exactly sure…I’m gonna see where it’s from! 🙂 btw nice recipe, explanation and pics!

  2. Yaaay..this recipe is the best and it just 30mins to should try it..

  3. In your words, how nice or tasty is this recipe?

  4. oh wow, I’m scared to try it though lol

    1. You can always start with 2 pcs of chicken to see if you like it.

  5. Oyegbade Funmilola says: Reply

    Wow! I hope my “hatred” for coke doesn’t stop me from trying this recipe! well done Simi

    1. Thanks Funmi, you can always start with 2pcs which doesn’t require too much coca-cola.

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