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Hello everyone,

I have been M.I.A for the last month, I know, but it has been for a good cause. I have been doing a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and that good stuff, you should check out (@bcanawareness on Twitter)

Anyway, back to today’s topic! Vanilla Restaurant & Lounge is one of the most coded places in Abuja, first time I was there, I thought I was lost. It has no signs or billboards, it is located on one of the residential closes in Maitama. Address is 11 Usuma Close, Maitama, Abuja.

Vanilla Vanilla, I have a love/hate relationship with this place. On one hand, I absolutely love their Selfie mirror and Jamaican Jerk Chicken, while on the other hand, their menu is never consistent, it changes every time I go there and some of their staff are pretty slow.

Now we are not here for the food but for the Cocktails and every weekday Happy Hour!!! All drinks at half price! Woo Woo!

From Vanilla’s Website

It was a TGIF just like this one and I had gingered my friends to join me to try Vanilla’s Happy Hour and to make the most of it, we went there straight from work!!! We got in and first thing we noticed was how empty the place was, we put this to the early hours. Personally, I never mind somewhat empty places cos, I like places that are not overly crowded.

We placed our orders; I got ‘All Night Long’ and Magarita (I always know I am going to have 2 cocktails so I like them to have the second ready before my first glass is empty). My friends got ‘Death by Chocolate’ and ‘Oreo Mudslide’. I had some of everyone’s cocktail to be able to rate it, so here’s my verdict.


Rating: 3

Check out my Cocktail Rating Scale

This is a good drink but not particularly memorable. Got this cos of the name.


Rating: 6

Check out my Cocktail Rating Scale

If you like bits or chewable chunks in your cocktail, this is for you.


Rating: 5

Check out my Cocktail Rating Scale

If you really want to die by chocolate, this is for you. It is made with Chocolate Ice Cream, Irish Cream and Vodka.


Rating: -2

Check out my Cocktail Rating Scale

Yep, officially the first drink to get a negative rating. I was going to choke it back cos I hate to waste alcohol but E saved me and made the waiter bring another one but yea. It was so salty, I could only taste salt, I was so confused, I though I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. It was so horrible and the replacement wasn’t any better, I just had it cos it was alcoholic and not salty!

The Reason I love Vanilla – Selfie Mirrors


All cocktails NGN 1,100 at happy hour

I will be going back to Vanilla for the Selfie Mirrors and Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Definitely not for a Magarita.


Chocolate & Vanilla Kisses,


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