#ChristmasDrinks: Twelve Drinks of Christmas

It is the season of fun and month-long drinking! When adults are allowed to stop ‘adulting’, I am here to help you on this path to let you know what you should be drinking this long holiday. I will also include my hangover cures too. Here is Tay’s holiday recommendation in no particular order. (all ingredients are available in Nigeria)

1. SoCo Punch


Southern Comfort (SoCo) is one of my favourite brown liqueur because it tastes like spicy candy. Best part, it just started flooding the Nigerian market again. So for this Christmas, why not give up the “every Sunday” punch recipe for this Spicy Citrus goodness, you will need frozen lemon and orange slices, Southern Comfort, Lemonade, Sprite and Orange juice. Mix it up in a large punch bowl and refrigerate till you’re ready to serve.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Eliminate Southern Comfort from your punch mix.

2. Strawberry Tequila Shots


This is probably my favourite off this list because this is my personal recipe it is very sneaky and when I made it, it was a fluke. Strawberry Tequila shots are very easy to make. Mix Tequila with Strawberry Syrup and lemon concentrate then pour this over watermelon slices, refrigerate for 45 minutes and drain into shot glasses. Plus to this recipe is that you get fruits also!

Non-alcoholic alternative: None

3. Mulled Wine


This is probably the only form of wine I genuinely love. My first Christmas in England had all my cousins and aunts recommending Mulled Wine and I fell in love with the spicy and earthy flavour. You can easily make yours at home by using Fruity Red Wine, Honey, Cinnamon Sticks, Orange Slices, Star Anise (substitute: licorice),

Non-alcoholic alternative: Defeats the purpose, try another option instead.

4. Mimosa


This two-ingredient cocktail is awesome because it is so easy to make. It is a mix of Orange juice and Champagne, served stirred and chilled.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Use Sparing Grape Juice instead of Champagne

5. Pina Colada


(Un)fortunately, we don’t get white Christmas in this parts, but we can always have beautiful white drinks to make up for it. Pina Colada can be made using coconut cream, white rum (I prefer Malibu Rum for its coconut flavour) and pineapple juice. Blend ingredients with Ice to serve.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Do not include Rum.

6. Vodka Blush Aka rosemary’s baby


This easy to make drink is one for vodka and cranberry lovers. Just mix Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry and Orange juice in a jug and serve it over crushed Ice.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Can’t be Vodka Blush without the vodka, try cranberry juice and lemonade for a mocktail with all the color and none of the alcohol.

7. Peppertini


Substitute the olives for candy cane this holiday season with the Peppertini. Easy to make recipe that requires Vanilla Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps and a dash of Grenadine. Serve in a candy rimmed martini glass.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Same as above

8. Poinsettia


This celebratory drink is perfect fr the holiday. It is a mix of Cointreau, Cranberry and Champagne. Served in a flute, stirred not shaken.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Substitute Cointreau and Champagne with Sparkling Grape Juice.

9. White Wine Sangria


Since it is never truly a party until Sangria, this a twist to the everyday sangria. So for this, substitute Red wine with White, Brandy, Sprite and frozen lemon & orange slices.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Substitute White Wine with Sparkling Grape Juice, do not include brandy.

10. Sprodka


On boxing day, I tend to spend my time going from one Christmas party to another such that I never get to drink at any party. I have found a solution to that this year, I will be going around with this mix of Sprite, Vodka and a Dash of Orijin bitters (Tip: I use this when my cocktails are too sweet.) Sprodka was named by a friend.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Just drink sprite.

11. Lemon drops on the rock


For an easy drink to transition easily out of the holiday mode, combine lemonade with vodka, honey or sugar syrup and lemon wedges.

Non-alcoholic alternative: Make the good old lemonade and serve chilled.

12. The Grinch


For all you people that hate the holidays and do not understand why people are unnecessarily excited, we got you covered. Try out the Grinch, simply mix Peach Schnapps, Dark Rum, Orange Juice, Sprite and Blue Curacao liqueur. Serve chilled


Bonus: Hangover Cure

In case you decided to be an Oliver Twist and had more than you should then you’re more than likely to get a hangover. To prevent getting a hangover, it is best to consume a good non-alcoholic beverages before going to bed, preferably orange juice or water. If you miss this step and you wake up with ringing sounds in your head like the world is about to end and a very dry mouth, do not panic, I still got you. Now you have to drag yourself out of bed, get at least 4 glasses of water, take painkillers then go ahead to make the spiciest noodles ever, you will be as good as new in less than one hour.

Christmas Kisses,



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