#Shuffle: The First


So here’s something you don’t see every day: a group of young people out in public having fun with board games!


In this age of smartphones and Snapchat, you’d think an event where one of the major attraction is old school games like Ludo and Uno, would be a pretty boring affair. Well, you’d be very, very wrong!! The maiden edition of ‘The Shuffle’ which was put together by the awesome folks at EatTechTravel and Twin Crown Studios was a blast, and they have proven scientifically, beyond all reasonable doubt, that board & card games still rock! Also, awesome food is awesome, but you already knew that.


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On the hot, sunny Saturday afternoon of the 27th February, 2016, my fellow planners and I found ourselves at The Quarter Café with a bag full of board games waiting for our guests to arrive. Kick off time was 2pm but African time being what it is, we decided to start with a game of Star Munchkin (a wacky role playing card game) and switched to Uno as people started arriving. By the time we had a full house, people had split off into separate groups to try out other games like Cards Against Humanity (A Card Game for Horrible People), Monopoly Deal (A much faster Card game version of Monopoly) and Bang: The Walking Dead. Betcha didn’t know The Walking Dead had a board game based on it.



Food and drinks were also flowing freely at this point, and OMG that Mint Lemonade drink!!!



In all honesty, I think it was a Virgin Mojito but whatever the case, it was just what the doctor ordered for the hot weather! The Quarter Café really knows its onions when it comes to awesome, delectable finger food (not small chops, because it’s a tush place), and they were not stingy with it too. My Advice: If you ever decide to pay them a visit, be sure to ask for the Dutch Pancakes (Poffertjes). They’re awesome puff puff shaped pancakes smothered in syrup that taste like heaven!


IMG_5631 IMG_5623 DSC_0973 DSC_0972 DSC_0971 DSC_0969 DSC_0989 DSC_1005 DSC_0989

To say we all had fun would be a major understatement. We spent at least 5 hours playing several board games without getting bored and still full of energy. Makes you wonder what other forms of entertainment from the past are we neglecting that could be as fun now as they were back then. Table soccer? Paper planes? Tinko tinko!? Only one way to find out though.

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Of course this awesome bit of scientific discovery would not have been possible without the great folks from EatTechTravel (Awon foodies) and Twin Crown Studios (super nerds), who volunteered their time, moneys and brains for this event, and Quarter Café, who hosted our experiment and guests (test subjects). As successful as this one was, you can be sure this is not the last you will hear of ‘The Shuffle’.

Winner of the Trail-Z Challenge and CEO, Twin Crown Studios
Winner of the Trail-Z Challenge and CEO, Twin Crown Studios






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  1. That’s it! This looks fun and I just had to leave Abuja 🙁

    1. Awwwwn, when next are you in Abuja?

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